Best-Selling Author John Grisham spoke
on his passion for the Convicted Innocent


Award-Winning Actor Brian Dennehy
gave a powerful lecture on Centurion Ministries’ work to Free the Innocent


Brian Dennehy - Wayne Eastridge - John Grisham

Certificate of Innocence - after 29 years

“Based on the full record, no reasonable juror would now find Petitioners guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Court finds that this is the rare case in which Petitioners can prove their actual innocence of the crime charged as well as violations of their constitutional rights at trial”

                    United States District Judge

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Endless Overwhelming Thanks to Centurion Ministries!!!
-More than can ever be expressed in words, for the tireless work of Kate
 and Jim and the other folks at Centurion Ministries, and, as your site
says, “the creative and brilliant legal acumen of attorney John Zwerling,”
 David Aveni, and “many outstanding lawyers at the law firm of Wilmer,
Cutler, Pickering, Hale, and Dorr,” whose thousands of hours of labor over
 16 years show how much you value justice for the innocent.
Thanks for the priceless gift of a new life!!!
Thanks for your love...

Centurion Ministries’ Celebration of freedom
for the innocent Wayne Eastridge and Nicky Sousa

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(L-R) CM's Kate Germond, Nick Sousa & Wayne Eastridge (freed 2005),
 CM's Jim McCloskey, John Restivo, James Driskell, & John Kogut (all freed 2003)

Full Text of Certificate of Innocence

For the reasons stated in the memorandum opinion and as memorialized in a separate order, the Court has granted Messrs. Sousa and Eastridge's Petition for a Certificate of Innocence. The current document constitutes the requisite proof, under 28 U.S.C. 2513(b), that Messrs. Sousa and Eastridge have shown that: their convictions have been reversed or set aside on the ground that neither is guilty and both are actually innocent of the offense of which they were convicted; neither committed any of the acts with which they were charged; and neither, by misconduct or neglect, caused or brought about his own prosecution. The requisite facts having been proven, Messrs. Sousa and Eastridge are entitled to bring their wrongful convictions claims before the United States Court of Federal Claims pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1495, 2513
                        DATE: March 12, 2009                                          
                     ROSEMARY M. COLLYER
United States District Judge

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