Suppose you’re a regular high school kid who felt that his country needed him and quit school to join the U.S. Army. Your father even had to sign for you to join, but he was willing to do it because he had served during World War II and was proud of his service.

Suppose you loyally and faithfully served in a unit that delivered supplies to the troops, even getting a “Soldier of the Month” award.

Suppose one of your friends that you grew up with was killed in the conflict.

Suppose when you came back from the service, you were greeted by people who threw tomatoes at you, spit at you and your fellow-soldiers, and called you baby-killers, when you had only gone in to protect your country.

Suppose you and your friend - a Purple Heart recipient - disillusioned by the attitudes of the rich guys and the politicians, and with the fact that a million Vietnamese who depended on you to protect them had been murdered, tried to find some people who would accept them.

Suppose you bought a junky old motorcycle and joined a motorcycle club which had other Vietnam vets in it. Not a dangerous bunch like the gangs of today, but a bunch of guys who rode their bikes a lot and got drunk too much to lessen the pain.

Suppose one night you and your friends went to a party at the house of the president of the club and did too much partying and drinking.

Suppose you end up in Washington DC with 12 other guys at a club - The Wrong Place at the Wrong time with the Wrong Crowd...drunk.

Suppose some of your friends get into a bad-mouthing contest with some of the locals, and bad stuff happens with a local shooting one of your friends, and four of your friends chasing down the local with knives, ending up with the shooter being stabbed to death, while you’re wandering around holding your pet whiskey bottle.

Suppose - holding your pet bottle - you’re sitting in the back seat of a car that happens to pick up one of the guy who who chased and helped to kill the shooter, while the actual stabbers walked away.

Suppose the DC Police investigators happened to completely miss the actual stabbers, in spite of the evidence, and try all of the people who were not at the killing instead of the people who were there.

Suppose at the trial the DC Judge following “DC Justice” tries all of the men together and illegally refuses to let the folks who weren’t present at the stabbing give any testimony that would separate themselves from the men who actually did the killing, all but one of whom got away thanks to the prosecutors.

Suppose the prosecutors, instead of giving the grand jury testimony to the defense to Greta Van Susteren and other lawyers, which would show that they had the wrong guys, didn’t tell the defense about the testimony, thereby breaking the law themselves.

Suppose the prosecutors, when finding out that the jury wasn’t all African-Americans, pulled a legal trick to get rid of the white jurors.

Suppose you had a lawyer who couldn’t even remember your correct name, who did virtually no investigation to see if you were not guilty.

Suppose a mistrial was declared which resulted in all of the white jurors being dismissed, because one of the government’s own witnesses was in the courtroom. Suppose the government witness that caused the mistrial was an actual killer of Johnny Battle.

Suppose the policeman testified that all were covered in blood, when the FBI testified that only one had blood on him.

Suppose that because of the unethical actions of the judge and the prosecutors, you went to prison.

Suppose that shortly after the three innocent friends went to prison, they were attacked by a gang of 30 men who broke your friend’s jaw (causing him to lose his teeth), cut another friend’s head so that he needed 14 stitches, and stabbed you four times in the back.

Suppose one of your friends died in prison, another was released after 20 years, and you didn’t get out for over 29 years.

Suppose wonderful family, friends, and the dedicated folks at Centurion Ministries, and the lawyers John Zwerling,, and David Aveni and others from Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale, and Dorr, fought for 16 years to get you free and declared innocent.

Suppose that when you got out, some wonderful friends got you a job and gave you love and support, but you still have physical and other problems, such as a recent serious back operation related to horrors in prison.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a 61-year-old former patriotic soldier who was falsely imprisoned for 29+ years would get some compensation, since he will never be able to afford to retire?
Wayne has no savings, insurance, or retirement benefits which will allow him to do so, as he lost most of his chances to become successful in his life when prosecutors chose to sacrifice another human being’s life to become successful judges and lawyers.
As the court recently ruled, even though the prosecutors knowingly withheld evidence, they have “absolute immunity” from being held responsible for their actions through compensation. Is this fair?

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