Johnny Got His Gun and shoots into a crowd:
The Shooter Gets His Reward,
but not from Wayne

 Johnny cuts loose at the crowd with his pistol, almost hitting Wayne, and actually hitting one of his friends, emptying his clip, and putting in another clip, after which the gun jammed, putting Mr. Battle in the rather awkward position of having a bunch of angry drunks somewhat concerned about being shot at - and no method of defense.

At that point four of the friends chased Mr. Battle up the street. The juvenile who ended up in Wayne’s car was the one who tripped Battle. The others stabbed him to death.

Wayne, holding his bottle, and his friends, had no idea what was going on except that one friend had been shot and had been taken to the hospital by other friends. So three friends got in their car and just drove around, accidentally coming upon the blood-soaked juvenile who had chased and tripped Johnny. The juvenile was fleeing the scene, and they picked him up, but were shortly thereafter stopped by the police and identified as being members of the group that was at the Godfather nightclub.

The blood-soaked juvenile had obviously been at the stabbing, but the others in the car were clean - and so had not been there.

The actual stabbers [One hesitates to call them murderers, as they were chasing someone who had indiscriminately fired his gun into a crowd outside a nightclub], walked back to Cheyenne’s home on foot, ultimately avoiding any punishments or accusations whatsoever, thanks to the incompetent and unethical police and prosecutors.


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