The Fateful Birthday Party:
Johnny Got His Gun and shoots into a crowd:
The Shooter Gets His Reward,
but not from Wayne

     Then came the fateful night, when two carloads 8 of the buddies went up to Alexandria for Cheyenne’s birthday party, including Nick and Wayne, the friends from the war. Cheyenne, (Richard Richter) the president of the club, had served in the the 101st Airborne “Screaming Eagles.”

     Now, even though Cheyenne was a member of the Pagans, he wasn’t just a country boy trying to act tough, as his dad was an important U.S. Government official.

     So the guys went up to his house for his 21st birthday party. As happens in such parties, there was lots of drinking, and Wayne did plenty, even having his own personal whiskey bottle.

     After a while, some of the guys decided to go into town to a club - Godfather’s - for some more drinking, so they got into two cars and made for the wilds of DC.

     They had all been drinking, and so when they got to Godfather’s, they were pretty well soused - so much so that the bartender refused to serve them, asking them to leave. So they did. But somewhere in the process they ran into Mr. Battle, an African-American who had as much of a chip on his shoulder as the Spotsy County good old boys had - causing words to be exchanged.

     Some drunks making remarks and pushing and threating, like roosters in the barnyard ensued, but it got serious when Mr. Battle left the group, walked up to his van, and got a loaded Beretta pistol and an extra clip and came angrily back to the group standing outside Godfathers.

   Perhaps Battle should have been home with his pregnant wife, but instead he walked to the group that he had been exchanging harsh words with and then cut lose at the crowd with his pistol, almost hitting Wayne, and actually hitting one of his friends, emptying his clip, and putting in another clip, after which the gun jammed, putting Mr. Battle in the rather awkward position of having a bunch of angry drunks somewhat concerned about being shot at - and no method of defense.


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