D.C. Justice:
   Don’t bother with
     Logic, Fairness, Evidence,
           ...or the Law

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taken from the actual court records.

Ambition Over Fairness: The Prosecutors and the Judge
...I want to be a Judge; ...I want to get high-paying D.C Clients.
...I want these people to be found guilty, no matter what the evidence: D.C. Justice.
...I’m willing to ignore the law and hide evidence to sent innocent people away for life,
       even when I know that there is evidence that other people actually did it.
...Even though I have pledged to uphold the law, I’ll keep fighting the truth until the
       bitter end to avoid admitting wrongdoing. I will fight to keep people in prison forever, even though the evidence shows that the prosecution was guilty of misconduct.

“ are they all, all honorable men...”
Mark Anthony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

     The Tragic Rule: Mass Justice or No Justice:
D.C. Justice: The Judge Makes up his own Law:
...Because I want to make sure that you all get convicted, you’re not allowed to defend yourself as individuals - only as a group.

D.C. Logic: You or your lawyers can’t say anything that might show that you are innocent if it might show that someone else did it.

D.C. Cross-Examination: You can’t ask any of the witnesses or get any answers that might show that you are innocent or that one of the other defendants or someone else did it without the permission of the other guys’ lawyers.

Hide and Seek: Hide the Grand Jury Testimony
Prosecution lawyers hide the Grand Jury Testimony so it can’t be used to show that other folks killed Johnny Battle and that these other folks and witnesses lied in their testimony.
No Grand Jury Testimony = Huge amounts of evidence for innocence lost,
but the ambitious prosecutors didn’t want it to be heard

The First “Duke Case”: Prosecutors’ Dirty Tricks
Jury-Rigging: Playing the Race Card
Presenting Evidence Backwards

False Testimony:
“Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned.”
Sousa’s ex-Girlfriend gets revenge...

Ignoring Obvious Evidence: Testifying the Opposite of what the evidence showed. [Under Construction]

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